Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Coming to PNC Park.... Brad Lincoln: Middle Relief Slayer

With 3 runs already in, runners on 1st and 2nd, no outs and the Bucs’ lead cut to one in the seventh inning, Brad Lincoln: Middle Relief Slayer... made his first relief appearance since rejoining the bullpen Sunday — and did what was necessary.
Hunter Pence struck out, Shane Victorino flied out and Lincoln punctuated it with a strikeout of pinch hitter Jim Thome complete with a Stare-down, and the Bucs held on for an 11-7 victory at Philly.   JMac with the win now with 7... Yinz can forget about Spahn & Sain and 2 days of rain....Now its McDonald & Burnett and hope it gets wet!!

Andrew McCutchen MVP???

Andrew McCutchen is hitting in the middle of a historically 

bad lineup, yet seeing more pitches to hit than ever. Further 

proof that lineup protection is a myth.  These are just some 

of my collection and will be putting more cards of some of 

my favorite buccos as time and the new job permits!!!

Go Buccos! Keep me coming back like a battered wife to her drunk husband!

Pittsburgh Pirates / Gotye Parody -- "Pierogi That I Used To Know"

The yinzers over at have created an instant classic... ENJOY!!!