Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is how you know things for the pirates are bad in the 'Burgh!!!

For sale: Real World Series trophy!
Club that owns 1979 Pirates hardware is bankrupt

PITTSBURGH - The Pittsburgh Pirates 1979 World Series trophy, now on loan to a sports museum, could be sold at auction because its owner is bankrupt.
The Allegheny Club declared bankruptcy in 2002 and its memorabilia collection - including the trophy - could be sold to pay its debts. The club has since merged with the HYP Pittsburgh Club and the combined group is known as The Allegheny HYP Club. An unidentified New York collector has offered $100,000 for the collection.
The Pirates and the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum, where the trophy is displayed, now are considering making their own bids to keep it in Pittsburgh.


  • I wonder if we ever got the damn trophy back?

  • Also where are the other 4 trophies?

  • The Rooney's would of NEVER let this happen!!

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